3 Reasons to Use a Side Tipper Trailer

One of the main decisions you have to make when choosing a tipper trailer is the way the trailer works. Some tip from the end and others from the side. While there are some benefits to a regular end mechanism, there are times when a side tipper trailer is the best choice.

What are the benefits of using this kind of trailer?

1. Get a Safer Tip

When you unload materials from an end tipper trailer, the trailer raises itself up at an angle until it is high enough for its contents to slide down and out. If you're using a large trailer with a heavy load, this can cause some stability problems.

The trailer may need to go high in the air to create the right angle to unload all of its contents. This can affect the centre of gravity on the trailer itself. If something goes wrong, the whole trailer and its vehicle could tip.

Trailers that tip from the side don't need to go so high. Their unloading movements aren't as extreme and they don't move out of place as much. This can make things safer and more stable for you.

2. Get a Faster Tip

While gravity helps you unload an end tipper quickly enough, you can still spend a long time on the job if you have a full load. The materials you're tipping have to come out of the smallest side of the trailer, its end. You can only fit so much stuff through this space at once.

If you tip from the side, then you get a much longer and bigger opening. More of the materials you're carrying can come out at once. This could significantly speed up your loading and unloading times.

3. Get in Difficult Spaces

If you don't have much room to manoeuvre or need to drop your load in a tricky spot, then an end tipper won't necessarily make things easy for you. You need a specific amount of clearance room to get your truck and trailer in place. You also need space for the trailer to tip up.

A side tipper trailer doesn't tend to have this problem. You simply need to get the trailer alongside the tipping location, You can even use some models to tip materials over obstacles such as fences or walls.

For more information on the advantages of using a side tipper trailer, talk to your equipment supplier.

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