Buying a new battery

Before your car battery is about to fail, you will notice signs of dim lights, a cranking engine, and bad smell. You can replace your battery maybe twice during the lifetime of your vehicle hence the need to buy a good battery. The following tips will guide your selection of a new vehicle battery:

Right kind of battery

There is a specific car battery for every vehicle. Before buying a car battery, you need to consult your vehicles guide to ascertain the type of battery you need. If you misplace your guide, you can ask your mechanic who will identify the type of battery you need. Also, you should know that climate impacts the lifespan of your vehicle battery. There are labels on batteries that indicate their suitability for different geographic areas. Hot-climate batteries have a label "S" or South. You should also buy the right battery size. Appropriate battery size may lead to a shorter lifespan.

Maintenance-free battery

These types of car batteries require no maintenance except for occasional water fills. Maintenance-free batteries are also referred to as sealed batteries, but they are not ideal for Australia due to its hot climate. Non-sealed batteries, on the other hand, have caps to allow for water addition making them suitable for Australia's environment. There are, however, maintenance-free batteries with removable caps allowing you to check fluid levels and add water if fluid levels decrease.


Buying a vehicle battery without a warranty is a waste of your money. You should check for warranties as well as their period. Some batteries have two-year warranties and others more extended warranties. Battery warranties vary depending on their quality. Car batteries with one-year batteries are more likely to die sooner than batteries with more extended warranties.

Note that batteries have a prorated warranty that provides for full replacement within a certain number of years and a specific reimbursement after the first two years.

Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity refers to the time a battery can sustain itself should the alternators fail. Choose vehicle batteries with high reserve capacities ensuring they can power through emergencies such as failing engine, failing alternator and when you leave the car's lights on accidentally. A vehicle uses a large amount of power for lighting and heating, and an alternator may fail to provide sufficient power. When you use your battery, it discharges slowly, and a high reserve battery will delay this discharge.

For more information on car battery replacements, reach out to a local car service.

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