Could a Turbocharger Quench Your Thirst for Speed?

If you feel the need for speed, as the saying goes, then you may be looking for ways to increase the performance of your everyday runaround. Some people who own such a car have achieved their objective by fitting a turbo kit, and you may wonder whether that is the route you should take. What benefits could you receive? And what do you need to think about beforehand?

How It Works

A turbocharger is, in essence, an efficient way of creating a lot more power from a standard engine. The system works by harnessing the gases produced during the exhaust phase and channelling them back into the turbo unit. These gases will be forced under pressure to spin a turbine, which will then turn an internal compressor. This compressor will spin at incredibly high speeds and will then force the air back into the intake side of the engine instead. As an internal combustion engine relies on a rich mixture of air and fuel, this upgrade will create more power.

Popular Choice

Little wonder that manufacturers fit a turbocharger as standard to some of their small production cars. It's a way for them to create usable power while cutting down on the cost of the engine itself. In your case, however, you may be able to increase the power that you already have by fitting a turbo and associated kit.

Protecting the Kit

Don't forget to protect the turbo as much as possible by fitting an intercooler. As the compressor spins at such a high speed, this can create a tremendous amount of heat, and you will need to cool both the system and the air coming out of the turbo. The intercooler will modify the temperature of the air so that it is perfect when it enters the combustion chamber, while an oil cooling system will help to protect the actual turbo.

Modifying Your Style

Don't forget to modify your driving style as well to make the most of your new power. You may need to get used to what is known as 'lag', which is when the turbo spools up to create the power.

Getting the Kit

It is possible to fit a turbo kit to an engine that was naturally aspirated, but you need to make sure that you are getting the correct parts and fitting them properly. You may also have to remap the engine to cater to the new configuration and to make sure that everything runs correctly once installed.

If you want to buy turbo kits, reach out to suppliers near you.

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