Understanding Smash Repairs

If you have an accident and your car is not damaged to the extent of being a write-off, you need to have it repaired by a competent smash repair company. Smash repair is the term given to the process of repairing a car that has been in an accident. To better understand smash repairs, you need to know what the process entails:

Take Your Vehicle To Smash Repairers

Smash repair companies differ; you can have a company that can collect your damaged vehicle from a location of your choosing or you can come across a company that requires you to take your vehicle to its repair shop.

Once your vehicle is at the smash repairer's workshop, it is assessed to find out the extent of the damage. It might even be disassembled (this depends on the nature of the accident and how bad the damage looks). After this assessment, you are given an accurate quote of how much the repair work may cost.

If a smash repair company gives you a quote before a thorough assessment is performed, that is not a good sign; you might be getting hustled, so always look for sone that does a full inspection. 

Expect to be given full details of what the accident damaged and if any parts need to be replaced. This also includes ordering parts information, when the parts are expected to arrive and how long it may take to repair your car. You can also ask all the questions you might have at this stage.

Car Repair

After you come into an agreement with the smash repair company, work commences. Of course, depending on the nature of the accident and damage, the repair work can be extensive or minor.

The general things you can expect are paintwork, dent removal, panel beating, body alignment, window/glass replacement, detailing, etc.

After the Car Smash Repair Process is Completed

You can either have the company to deliver the car to you or you can get the car from the smash repair workshop. It is up to you; however, it is good to confirm whether the company can deliver the car to you.


Always choose a company that can give you a smash repair warranty. Of course, the repair work is most likely done perfectly, but you can only find this out if you drive your car for some time. Ensure you get a smash repair warranty so that you have ample time to test whether the repairs are perfect.

For more information, look for a shop that provides smash repairs near you. 

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