Learning to Drive? Why You Should Choose a Driving Instructor Rather Than a Parent

There is nothing like the sense of freedom you feel when you are finally able to get behind the wheel of a car. Driving allows you to take control of your life, travel back and forth to work or simply explore the open road. When you're coming of age and able to apply for a licence you may be impatient and want to fast track the process as much as possible. It may be tempting to nag your parents and get them to teach you the rules of the road; however, learning from your parents may not be the best option in the long run. Why should you think about getting lessons with an approved driving instructor?

New Drivers Have Lots to Learn

While you do not have to take lessons with a driving instructor and you can apply to take your test as soon as you turn 18, most people will find it beneficial to take lessons. In addition, the average young driver may need to do 40 hours, or sometimes more, before they are truly ready for the driving test.

Family Members May Pass on Bad Habits

Certainly, an older sibling or a parent has some experience driving and they can show you how to control the vehicle and teach you about the driving laws. However, they may have picked up their own bad habits through the years and may, inadvertently, pass them on to you through that type of tuition.

Furthermore, they may not fully understand all the rules and regulations and may fail to properly advise you. They won't do this on purpose, of course, but the net result will be the same.

New Drivers Should Learn From Specially Trained Instructors

A driving instructor is highly trained and will know the rules of the road by heart. Furthermore, they'll know if there are any new regulations and will make sure that you are up to speed before you take to the road on your own.

Driving Instructors Have Cars With Dual Controls

If you are a nervous individual and are not too confident behind the wheel, then it may be better for you to get lessons from a driving instructor who is equipped with a dual controlled vehicle. They will be able to take over should anything go wrong so you may feel safer than in the family car. 

Most experts agree that it is best to take lessons from professional driving instructors and then augment this by practising at home with a parent.

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