Essential Guide for Getting the Most Money from Auto Part Recyclers

When it is time to retire your ride, you have two options. You can either let it sit on your compound or drop it at the auto parts recycler. While there is nothing wrong with the first option, the second option is the most appropriate. Auto part recyclers accept old or wrecked cars, and they offer cash. Therefore, your old vehicle can be a source of extra money this festive season. However, if you decide to take this route, then you want to get the most for your car. Here is a guide on what auto recyclers look for in retired vehicles and how you can use the information to get the most value.

Duration of Idleness-- As mentioned earlier, you can decide to let your old vehicle sit idle on your compound as a way of retiring it. However, it would help if you kept in mind that the first question an auto part recycler will ask you is how long the car has been sitting unused. The reason is that auto part recyclers use the information to determine the value of the car. Therefore, if you neglect your vehicle for a long time, it is more than likely that most parts will deteriorate fast, thereby lowering the car's overall value. For instance, the seats of an old vehicle that has been seating unused for a long time will start to fade or crack due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Such seats will not fetch you much. For this reason, don't wait too long to decide whether to take the car to an auto part recycler or not. 

Drivability-- Is your car drivable? This is the next question you should expect from an auto part recycler and for a good reason. See, due to the high competition in the auto part recycling industry, most auto recyclers offer to go to a client's house and drive the car back to the yard. It is only possible if your vehicle is still drivable, and the chances of it fetching a higher value are high. However, if your car doesn't run, then the auto recycler will have to use extra resources to transport it to the yard. Moreover, a drivable old car can be repaired and resold, and that means more money for you.

Demand for Scrap Metal-- Yes, the market's demand for scrap metal significantly determines how much your car will fetch. If there is high demand for scrap metal in the market, then auto part recyclers will pay over the top for your damaged or old vehicle. This is because the service providers know they will recoup their investment. However, if there is low demand for scrap metal, then the recycler will not be obliged to pay you what you expect. Therefore, you can study the market and only dispose of your car when the demand for scrap metal is high. 

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